Hotel Tylösand

It’s a bit awesome to see how you can plan for being ill. After yesterday’s appearances on stage my cold came back right away and my head feels a bit heavy today. I’m spending the day resting today and doing absolutely nothing. I have to be up at 4.45AM tomorrow to attend a breakfast lecture for 500 people in Halmstad. I can’t cancel those kind of jobs because it takes a lot of planning from the organisers, so I’ll have to pull through.

I remember when I recieved the price for Sweden’s most powerful industry and commerce woman. I had a high fever at home and no voice. I had a gala to attend, interviews to give and appearing on TV the next morning from 5AM. Two full-on days. I have cortisone with me if I start to feel worse but I think one calm day will be enough.

Simon and I are at Hotel Tylösand. Sascha, Emelie, Ida and Charlotte will come here. We planned a team day here a long time ago to coincide with the lecture. Everyone has booked SPA treatments and later we are going to dinner. It’ll be cosy.

Foto: Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.

But before it’s time for dinner I am going to stay under my duvet with my book. The view from my room is incredible.

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