Simon and I are headed to Gotheburg. I’m giving a lecture tonight for a law firm and the I’m going to be at Kicks Kick Off. We’re selling Löwengrip there. We’ll stay overnight in Gothenburg at one of my favourite hoels and then we’re travelling to Tylösand tomorrow. My next lectue is going to be in Halmstad over breakfast so we also booked in team hangout for Löwengrip Invest during Wednesda there. We’re going to SPA and have dinner together. It’s really important to regurlarly find things to do with your colleagues. Other than SPA:ing at Tylösand, I have my Halloween party on Saturday (all employees are of course invited to the castle), then Christmas buffet in December and next year we’re flying to Dubai to kick start 2019.

Sascha took two quick photos of me before we left the office. Such a beautiful ligh. With a bit of make-up I suddenl look well again. I’m so in love with the watch Hampus gave me for my birthday. The blouse is from FWSS and trousers Zara.

Half the semester has passed by. I knew it was going to be a quick pace and many challenges after the summer but everything has gone well. I am looking forward to working all week, celebrate Halloween and then check out for a trip to Dubai with the kids for a week. The plan is to recharge the batteries so I can keep my energy levels high and carry on until Christmas and the end of the ear. I can do this!

The recipe for having managing: Be keen on not spending energy on unnecessary things. Regular exercise, spend time outdoors as much as you ca. Skip alcohol, you’ll sleep better. I eat healthy food, more carbs (energy), and have more snacks. I always gain a bit of weight (2-3 kilos) during the semester where we have the most to do but that’s because I eat more to have more energy. Having a bit more energy to spare mans I ca manage a bit more every day. Besides, I’ve goten stronger since I started weight lifting whic is fun. When I have calmer moments the need for snacking isn’t as high (not the same kind of hunger) so my weight goes back to normal. The body manages all of that itself so I listen to it. So awesome.

A bit of advice for women who are stuck in the food/weight swamp: It’s impossible to become successful in you career if you’re always hunry o always thinking about food. 1. You will never have as much energy long-term. 2. You waste all your brain power. Eat so you’re full on sensible food and always be on the move. It’s the only sustainable way.

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