A Tough Morning

I got a fever last night and woke up with a fever. So slow. I also had a tough morning with the kids. Odd is away on a work-trip so I’m puzzling things together with the kids gradmother and grandfather this week. Everything went wrong this morning, One of the kids refused everything. We took a taxi to nursery because the tyres on my car are being changed today. I had to calm them down in the rain as we were saing goodbye because they will be staying with the grandparents for two days. Ugh. I nearly started cring as well, I hate sad goodbyes.

I fell asleep in the taxi on my way to wok. Tired from the fever.

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Hot water, honey, and lemon

I have three jobs booked on the west coast so I just have to pull together. The body can handle it as long as you rest afterwards. I have two lectures on stage in Gothenburg and then a day in Tylösand where I can rest, followed by a breakfast lecture early on Thursday in Halmstad. It will be okay despie the fever, I can push myself and the rest afterwards.

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