Companies on Hiatus

If I’ve learned anything it’s to trust my intuition. It’s the basis for making important decisions. I used to think the brain was the most rational and trustworthy part of the body but that’s not true. The brain can change sides and opinions quickly about decisions depending on who you talk to. It’s the heart you need to pay attention to and be driven by your innerself. To follow the heart I need to create space with myself. So meditation and improve the relationship with my innerself. It sounds a bit ”out there” but it helps me strengthen my intuition.

The other day my intuition started raising some flags about the company idea with Stordalen because it doesn’t feel right. Rationally (brain driven), I understand that it’s good for me to share a company with him, I have a lot to learn. The idea itself didn’t feel right. That’s why I called him last week and said I’d like to pause everything for now. He asked why and I told him that ”There’s no momentum and timing isn’t right.” He was fine with it and understood where I was coming from.

The idea was to own a publishing company. A lot of fun for a booklover like to myself. But as I said above, the momentum isn’t there. I don’t see how we can make it better than anyone else right now and the industry is changing so much. We’re at a standstill now and my guess is that all middlemen will disappear, even publishing houses. That’s why we’re putting everything on hold until we feel like we can jump on the next bandwagon.
As an investor I’ve learned that everything happens in cycles. If you miss one opportunity the cycle will come back. There’s a paradigm shift in between and you can usually foresee what’s going to happen and aim right. For example; many years ago when we were playing music on and old cassette player at home a lot of entrepreneurs wondered if you could carry the music with you outside. We then had a freestyle you could play music on outside. In this cycle we were thinkibg of ways to make CDs smaller and that’s when we created mini discs. That was a flopp though. Afterwards another shift happened and the MP3 player was invented.
This is where we are in a lot of industries. We’re expecting a shift. There won’t be new publishing conpanies but a new way of publishing books. If you even publish books anymore. I think the middlemen disappear in all branches.

Anyhow, that’s why I’m putting that idea on hold.

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