Löwengrip’s Little Sister

This day has been full on, so much fun. I started with a 75 minute vinyasa yoga session Altromondo (via Fitnesscollection). So incredibly nice to stretch out, breathe and start the morning.

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I arrived at the office and went straight into a product meeting with Hannah while Emelie got me ready. We have a lot of launches coming up with Löwengrip next year. Each one is like a baby for me. By the way, Löwengrip have been launched on Beauty Bay in the UK, but they deliver worldwide.

Img 9694.jpg

Then Simon and I went to Carnegie to talk about how to build companies through social medias. Simon is fantastic on stage and I’m always happy when people ask both of us to participate.

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When we got back I had lunch at the desk and 10 minutes later I was ready for the highlight of the day. We are developing a little sister for Löwengrip. Isn’t that fun! Löwengrip is a classic premium brand but this will be a little sister and I look forward to trying out scents like vanilla and coconut. More info to come but I am so excited and I can’t wait.

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