Here’s a post that was supposed to come up yesterday but there was something wrong with the upload so it’s here now:

…the lecture in Helsinki went well. It’s always fun meeting students. I held the lecture at their Handelshögskola. I don’t need to be as strict and can let my guard down a bit. Simon met me and Sascha there, he gave me a big hug which made me happy. It’s always empty travelling without him.







We’re at Arlanda now, waiting for the luggage in one of their lovely rooms. It’s always nice coming here, the staff are always so sweet. They meet you at the gate and drive us to the VIP area so you never have to go through the terminal. I prefer driving myself so I will get my own car soon. I’m looking forward to sleeping at home. Tomorrow I have an exercise session with Pontus and some office hours before Pingis and I are off again. Sascha and I have already prepared a bag with everything I need during the weekend in Switzerland. I’m just moving over my toiletry bag. Very smooth!


I can’t wait to have a shower and try the beauty products I bought from Fresh at Heathrow. Lip-scrub, lib-balm and several face masks. It’s fantastically fun to try new things and get inspiration for Löwengrip. Right now, I’m looking for a consistency for a mask in our Advanced SKincare range and I found one that felt magical.

Sleep well! By the way, Skavlan is tomorrow alreeady. Fun 🙂

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