I was a guest on Skavlan yesterday. Fantastically fun! I didn’t know it was one of Europe’s biggest TV-shows and that it’s broadcast in all the Nordic countries. So impressive. We were in Sky Studios where it was being filmed in front of an audience, I was the first guest, then Norwegian Kevin Vågenes, Indian Arundhati Roy and French David Guetta. A fun gang and we a lot of fun together. I actually don’t know when it’ll be aired but I’ll tell you when I do.




It feels so safe to have your own team with you. Things happen as I want them to and travelling feels more safe.



This evening’s gang!



He’s always there and supporting me <3


After Skavlan, we had dinner at Italian Locanda Loccatelli with Hampus. Fresh pasta with truffle. SO divine. I still haven’t had any wine-cravings. 1,5 month has gone quickly, as it looks now I won’t be going back to alcohol. There’s a huge different in my energy levels. It was so nice to have a break in the middle of the work week and breathe a bit. I needed that. Hampus has a flexible job (day trader) and has the opportunity to fly and meet me.


Recipe for life: work hard, stop along the way and eat good desserts!





We stayed at Franklin Hotel this time. The pictures above are Sascha’s and Emelie’s room. We loved the hotel!


The girls came over at 6.30 this morning, I had my makeup done, we ordered breakfast for everyone (what a luxury with hotel breakfast all week) and then we went to Heathrow. We have a day in Helsinki now, I’m going up on stage to talk about my journey.

It’s so awesome to see how you develop, I don’t know if you remember but a few years ago (I can’t remember if was pregnant with Gillis or Sally) I was going to Helsinki to give a lecture in English. It was the first time I held a lecture in a different language and I remember how nervous I was. There and then, it was my biggest accomplishment. Lecturing in English in our neighbouring country. Today I don’t have any butterflies in my stomach and English isn’t so scary anymore.

After the lecture I’m flying home to Sweden, I have a PT session and office hours tomorrow before I’m flying to Switzerland in the afternoon.

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