Hello from London!

These past 24 hours have been hectic. Sorry for fewer updates. It’s best to follow me on instastory right now. All interviews in NYC went well, I’m so happy over my PR-team – David and Melissa. So professional! When I give interviews in Sweden, journalists often react when I say we’re going to be a billion-dollar-company or a new Estée Lauder. Sometimes it makes headlines. Interviews with American journalists is something new. The goal about becoming a beauty empire wasn’t seen as strange but more ”that’s so much fun, congratulations on your success so far.” It was so liberating.

I had interviews from 10.30 to 6PM, then a quick dinner with our retailer before we went back to the airport. We removed our makeup in the lounge, bought a lovely salted caramel mocca latte from Starbucks and then boarded the overnight flight to London. Smooth.



Amazing David! So much fun to work together

Right now, we’re at a hotel called Sofitel in London. It’s close to Heathrow. Our usual room in London wasn’t ready until 3PM so we were booked into the suite for having lunch, showering and getting ready. The taxi is picking us up at half past three to the TV-studio. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to tell you which one it is but it’ll be very exciting!

In the meantime, you can listen to my participation in the Success-Pod 🙂

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