An Exciting Week

It was a full circus Löwengrip at home this morning. Myself, two kids, my home-team, one makeup artist, a bodyguard and a boyfriend. The taxi driver must have wondered who on earth everyone was when we all came out the house at the same time as he picked up Hampus. The girls took the kids to nursery so I could drive to Arlanda Airport I’m so grateful for my gang.


Emelie and I were singing Lady Gaga’s Shallow in the car. I hope I’ll be able to watch it on the flight. It looks amazing.


Mega breakfast at Arlanda. I had an egg and an egg/kaviar sandwich and chia pudding. We’re flying to Frankfurt first and then NYC. I wanted everyone to fly business and we found better tickets with Lufthansa rather than SAS. I know your employees don’t need to fly business but our days are so intense that I want everyone to fly and live comfortably. Tonight, we’re staying at Mandarin Oriental in NYC. It’s just for one night and then we’re off to London to film the TV-show Tuesday night

Have a good Monday! It’ll be a long day for us,our launch dinner starts at 8 o’clock this evening, so 2AM Swedish time. But we get to rest a bit on the flight there.

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