Cinnamon Buns

Pingis and I have been stuck in our room all day until we noticed a lot of chatter outside the door. When we got out the whole office had gathered to celebrate cinnamon bun day.


Best colleagues ever. I mean it when I say it. It’s awesome to see how close we are and how fast were growing. You probably won’t recognise a majority of the faces on the photo because we always have new employees after summer. A lot of fun! We’ve never been so strong as an organisation as we are now.


I put out our Christmas edition Cinnamon bun dry shampoo.


Today’s outfit. Knitted Dagmar.


Sally was off to her dance lesson around half past four. Then we had dinner at Surfers. I was craving their ginger-tofu. I tucked the kids into bed at seven and then I’ve been working.

By the way; as you know I’ll be in New York and I’d love to meet some of my followers there. On Monday 8th of October at 7.30 PM I’ll be inviting American influencers for an intimate dinner to celebrate the launch of Löwengrip in the USA. I’d also like to meet those who use my products to hear your opinions. The dinner will be hosted at one of my favourite restaurants; Omars at Vaucluse. I have four spaces to offer. All you need to do is email my colleague and tell why you should be the one to attend 🙂

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