A Lie In

I didn’t drop off the kids until 9.15 today, it was nice with a lie in. We stayed in bed until half past seven, then we went downstairs to a set breakfast table. We made it a bit fancy with strawberries, good cheeses, toast and yogurt. It hit me that Gillis has been a Vegetarian for nearly 6 months. I can barely believe he decided that when he was 4.5 year old. At first Odd and I thought it would be phase. But we supported his decision. I mostly serve vegetarian food (lots of beans soy protein) at home and when I do eat fish I’ll make something vegetarian for him as well so he can choose what he wants. At Nursery Odd I asked them to make vegetarian food for him but said he can decide for himself. If he wanted to eat the normal food that would be completely up to him.

But during these six months he hasn’t eaten meat/fish at all. At home and a nursery, he knows he would never be ”tricked” to eat normal food but as soon as we’re at a restaurant he’s very careful to not eat animals and always asks an extra time before he eats.

I’m so impressed by how resolute he is. But he gets to eat children’s fish-liver oil and we often eat walnuts (full of Omega 3).

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My outfit from yesterday, jacket Stylein

It’s so awesome to have a front row seat and watch your kids become their own individuals. Anyway, I’m off to work now. I have internal meetings with Löwengrip all day until nursery pick-up and around seven tonight the co-owners from Nordic Tech House will come over to my house for a meeting. They’ll start on the agenda while I put the kids to bed.
Talk to you later!

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