Yes, Balmain is Work

Finally Monday! I jumped out of bed because I couldn’t wait to get to Sturebadet. I jumped into my exercise clothes, made a cup of coffee and drove into town. I didn’t have a PT session so I chose to run intervals for half an hour. It was fantastic! Afterwards I went into the Sauna and used our silvermask from Löwengrip. I’ve never had shinier hair than after using that.

I try to use a Sauna 1/2 per week. It’s the perfect place to visualise the day or long term goals. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about the goals I have in life. I play everything in my mind like a film on repeat. I’ve been doing that since I was 12.

The majority of my visualisations have come true.

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In Svensk Dam they’ve posted picture from our dinner this summer during Almedalen. When I got to the office I blocked thing off with my team. Last week my closest gang were in three different cities and the same time, we had so much to do that we had to do things separately. One part of the group went to Manchester, the other to London and I went to Paris for Fashion Week. I understand it might be difficult to accept that it’s my job to be present at a Balmain show but that’s how it is.

The equation is: the more I’m seen and heard, the more my channels grow, the more my channels grow outside Sweden, it’s easier for the companies to establish abroad because there’ll be potential buyers there. Followers in other countries who’ve found me and wants to buy Löwengrip (or Flattered, Stylein and maybe even try NaturalCycles). I’m like a steam engine of companies behind me. The best thing I can do is travel, take photos, write, network and host events, have interviews, meet customers. Those are my priorities. The most important thing I do every day is to make sure my channels have updated contents. Then the rest of the companies and Löwengrip are the second prio. Everyone in the company group are aware of what my priorities look like (channels first, then business) and how Pingis and I share our workload. Friday was a clear example of that: I participated at a big show in Paris with my team, good content and more PR expansion. Pingis and her team were in London to meet retailers.

That’s how we can run as fast as we do.

We’re doing the same thing in New York in a week’s time and Australia in four weeks. I’ll do interviews, events and create content for my channels so they grow. That’s why Sascha and Emelie are always with me. Pingis sits with our retailers and meets new customers. Then we do things together which is fun because we’re always stronger together. We do events together, one interview together, we meet Sephora together. When we get stronger we split up to be as efficient as possible with our time. I’m the company group’s market machine and that’s how we work forward. IT’s not the solution on an international expansion level but it’s a big part of it.

I have the best job in the world.

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