Weekend in Paris

When I took on my no-alcohol for a year challenge a month ago I was a bit worried about how my weekend in Paris would be without wine. Because to be completely honest, When I’ve travelled a lot it’s been about eating good food and having good drinks. But it’s also lead to me mostly staying at the hotel. Long wine lunches and long dinners. After the summer I got so tired of it. Tired of alcohol in general. I’m an energetic person who wants to feel alert – even on holiday. But it’s not been that way.

I can happily say however, that I haven’t missed wine at all this weekend. I never had a single moment of missing wine. IT’s probably because I’ve been eating a lot of delicious food (Hello deserts and bread) and been busy enjoying the company and the city. I’ve been up early, exercised before Hampus woke up, had breakfast around 9 and then we’ve walked around. In the evenings we’ve got to bars and I’ve had virgin Mary, my new favourite drink. I’m so happy over my challenge, it makes me feel really good.





Fantastic Crillion! Many people like Hotel Costes in Paris but I actually don’t. Small, boring and dark. I love hotels with fantastic service. Service is everything. George V and Crillion are two great hotels, but Crillion is more homey despite being big.


This weekend’s highlight (or well, shared highlight, the Balmain show as actually lovely) was that Hampus flew to see me. He makes me so incredibly happy. I’ve never met anyone so generous and someone who shows it. He makes me feel like a princess. Every day





Breakfast routine. Porridge with fresh berries and a croissant with Nutella.


Beautiful, beautiful city. I struggle to see a time where I’m living full time in Sweden. The weeks without the kids are best spent abroad for Löwengrip’s sake. I can see myself living in Paris or NYC every other week. But that’s still a year or so away.


Dress Viktoria Chan, bag Balmain, jacket Stylein. During Saturday evening with visited Balmain’s showroom to order clothes for next year. So much fun! But I said I’ll need Sascha to make a decision (very large sums). But I found many beautiful suits.


Dinner at Manko (you have to go there if you like Sashimi but want more flavours) and then dessert at the hotel again. I’d spotted their chocolate mousse earlier on. I needed to try it!

This trip’s lifesaver; Anti-Frizz och Hair oil. I use anti-frizz as heat protector and it’s perfect for humid cities where my hair gets frizzy easily. Hair oil I use in my lengths every evening.




Yesterday’s lunch at Monsieur Blue (strongly recommended) and today at Mon Paris. They had amazing oysters there.


Thank you Paris for a lovely weekend! Gala! Beautiful clothes! Love, good food, wonderful walks, exercise and spa. I’m ready to fly home and have a week of meetings and spend time with my kids. It’ll be a calm week ahead of next week without the kids with trips to NYC, Finland and Switzerland. Work in three countries in six day. But I love it

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