I fell asleep at 11, got up 6.30, exercised at the hotels gym. I was going for a run but it was still dark. I walked past the SPA, it looked wonderful. I’m looking forward to booking some sessions this weekend. I ran 4 KM, then did some stretching and movement. It’s exactly what my body needed.

I was met by this view when I got back to the room. So beautiful.

There was a knock on my door and I got some beautiful invitation cards from Balmain for the show and tonight’s dinner.

Then I ordered breakfast for us girls. Omelette with mushrooms and coriander (Sascha’s suggestion), green juice, coffee, croissant and pain au chocolat. When in Paris. I ordered porridge made with almond milk fresh berries and honey. New craving. I eat a lot of breakfast, both the omelette and the porridge but skipped the goodies my stomach doesn’t like croissants, which isn’t fun on the red carpet 🙂

Yesterday when I got to the room I had some lovely bags waiting for me from Josefin C. What a nice surprise! There was also a bottle of alcohol free bubbly. So cute. I’ll be wearing one of her bags during today’s show.

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