Isabella x Stylein

I’ve had two really fun meetings this morning. First a product development meeting with Löwengrip. Hannah and I are developing a detox shampoo and conditioner. After that I had a meeting with Stylein and Sascha. We’re going to develop our own collection called Isabella! I’ve been co-owner of Stylein for almost a year and I was so happy when they asked me if I wanted to create some Isabella-outfits.

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I love the sketches. This is an idea we’re going to work from together. A lovely camel coloured coat, blazer, skirt, the perfect pair of trousers and a few party outfits. Styelin are famous for their good fit and quality and for me it’s important that the clothes last a long time, despite flights and sitting down a lot. We’re going to work with a sort of silk-like material which stays straight. So exciting!

Now I’m off to Linköpings university!


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