Behind the Scenes

It’s been a really intense day at the new house on Lidingö. we got to borrow the house from the sellers, very kind of them. I can’t wait until I get to move in with Gillis and Sally on the 8th of November. The team today has consisted of Hannah and Julia from Löwengrip, Sara and Simon from our design bureau GLHF, photographer Martin and his team Natalia, Martin, and Joseph and Olof who work with moving pictures. And then Emelie, Sascha and Charlotte have been here with Ida, Gillis and Sally and my mom. Full House in other words. Nursery had an inset day so we solved it that way, but they like spending time with me at work.

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Planning all outfits. Shirt and scarf from Gant. Knitted. Soft Goat.

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World’s greatest Sascha. We’ve both fallen in love with Gants shirts. I have never tried anything better. They’re so soft, feels luxurious and you can wear them a whole day without becoming wrinkly.

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Sally wanted a group photo.

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My top is from Viktoria Chan, trousers Max Mara. I’ve used them for all photoshoots these past few years.

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With a scarf in my hair.

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Shirt on (Gant) and jeans (also Gant).

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Soft clothes, from Sogt Goat. You can find the skirt here.

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We are done for the day and I’m going to go on weekend break in my new coat which I kindly asked Sascha if I could keep. You’ll see the result a bit later. The kids and I are going to visit some friends for dinner.

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