Third Time Charm

Hampus and I are together again. We had a break over the summer but found our way back. Third time’s a charm. I’ve been pushing him away whenever he’s tried to get close. He’s been standing firm and shown love. It took a year for me to know that he is serious. Tough periods that ended in something beautiful

The kids adore him. We’ve taken that bit very slow and that was wise. He’s played with them, had dinners together, etc. This summer we went to Astrid Lindgren’s World with the kids. There was a moment when we were about to leave the park, it started raining and the kids cried from tiredness. He picked up Sally and Gillis and had them under a Pippi umbrella. My whole heart melted. Even when Hampus took Gillis hand one time to go and buy a vegetarian hot dog when the restaurant couldn’t serve ”something that isn’t an animal”. The road to the heart is through your kids.

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Tonight we visited the grocer’s after work. Now we’re having burrata with tomato for starter and an omelette with chantarelles for a main. And a salad with lots of vegetables. It’s the best thing I know. After that I’m going to prepare tomorrow’s panel-discussion about leadership.
Ikväll blev det ett besök till saluhallen efter jobbet. Nu väntar burrata med tomat till förrätt och sedan en omelett med kantareller till varmrätt. Samt en sallad på goda grönsaker. Det är de bästa jag vet! Efter det ska jag förbereda mig inför morgonens panelsamtal om ledarskap.

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