The kids and I have had a lovely day together. We met up with Hampus for brunch at Djurgårdsbrunn, waffles for the kids and the world’s most delicious cabbagae with melted blue cheese for myself. Then we sat in the sun for a while. Cosy. Afterwards we parted way and the kids and I cycled/took the pram to Humlegården and played. Around three we went to ICA on Karlavägen to buy Saturday candy. The kids are usually allowed to choose ten pieces each (but they’ve never eaten all of it, it’s just cosy). Then we checked in at Hotel Diplomat. We had a bath and then crawled into the hotel bed. The joy over kissing my own kids. Life doesn’t get any better. Then they wanted to play by themselves so I read for a while.

At half past six we had dinner at Diplomat’s restaurant. Having dinner out is natural for them and it’s never been a problem. They don’t get restless so we always have conversations, eat and sometimes we’ll take out the iPad towards the end. I’ll have have time to check my mail. We sat for an hour and after that we went upstairs to cuddle and I made up a story.

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I’ve just tucked them into bed and I’m going to read for a bit. I really enjoy hotel visits! Tomorrow we’re going to have breakfast, football training for Gillis. The viewing is over around lunch so that’s whwen we get to go home.

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