Beauty From Within

I sometimes get questions about my beauty advice, when I sat to write this I realised a lot has to do with diet. Here we go

1. Water is A and O for a good skin. When I started drinking more water my skin got a better glow than before. Today I notice immediately when I’ve not had enough water. The skin is more blemished.

2. I drink two large glasses of water each morning. I have a water bottle at my desk, I drink during the day (never soda) and then I have two big glasses before bed. In the morning I always have half a fresh lemon in the glass. It makes the body more basic. I love coffee but I always make sure to have water next to each cup. During sickness periods I always have a smoothie for breakfast with carrots, cloudberries, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric.


3. I always make sure to eat a lot of basic food. Sour food is inflammatory for the body. Basic food is a lot of raw food, vegetables, root vegetables, berries, broccoli avocado, cucumber, potatoes, beans, mushroom, fennel of all sorts, spinach, hirs and quinoa. It’s really good that I love raw food and would rather eat it all the time.

4. I have a lot of vitamin c every day. If you stress a lot and live in a big city environment, our natural antioxidants are decreased in the body. That’s why I eat a lot of vitamin c. The kids and I have berries every day, now it’s a lot of cloud and lingonberries at home. Otherwise blueberries and blackberries which are a big favourite at home. Frozen ones are fine too.


5. I eat vitamins every day. Magnesium, Zinc, Biotine, Vitamin A, C and D

6. I don’t use plain flour or sugar as often as I can. I notice it makes me a bit speeded and it’s not a good energy for me. I’d rather eat oat meal, raw-rice sweet potatoes instead. When I eat something sweet it’s often dark chocolate. My favourite snack at the moment is bananas with peanut butter and seasalt. So delicious.

7. The majority of my food is a lot of green life cabbag and spinach, raw vegetables, good carbs and protein from plants. Sometimes I have egg, fish and dairy products like keso and quark. Sometimes also red wine, a lot of butter and freshly baked bread and runny chocolate fondant. But in a good balance.


8. The most important when it comes to my face routine is cleansing each morning and evening. Properly wash away all make up. Then use moisturiser on my face, body and my hair with our hair oil, feet and cuticles 1-2 times per day. I exfoliate twice per week. I wash my hair twice per week at the moment (yes despite exercise. The rest is dry shampoo). The hair mask is something I sleep with once a week. Moisture, moisture, moisture is the key to a glowing skin.

9. I don’t use powder, neither does Emelie. Instead we make sure the skin is prepped with moisture that can sink in properly. And setting-spray on the makeup. But never powder.

10. My beauty priority is having a nice blowdried hair, nice hands and feed and a moisturised skin. If that’s all in order, I always feel beautiful. My face mist is always in my bag, perfume, hand cream, lip balm, tooth brush, tooth past and a hair brush.
10. Mina skönhetprios är ett fint fönat håtr, fina händer och fötter och en återfuktad hud. Är det i sin ordning så känner jag mig alltid fin. I väskan finns alltid en ansiktsmist, parfym, handkräm, läppbalsam, tandborste, tandkräm och en hårborste.

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