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This day has been full on. Creative ideas, standing in front of a camera, strategic decisions, mingling with customers. It’s a lot of fun when it’s so varied. I really love inviting people to events because it means I get to meet our customers. You guys know who I am but I don’ tknow who you are. That’s why it’s always fun when an opportunity arises to get to know you. i always try to talk to everyone in a room so sometimes it might seem like I’m a bit obtuse and I want to know everything. Where you live, what you work with, your family and what you’re passionate about. But it’s my chance to put a face on the person behind the screen. I learn a lot from all meetings.

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Löwengrip, Styelin and mastercard hosted an AW at diplomat this evening. It was incredbly successful and the atmosphere was lovely.

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Elin (founder of Styelin) and I talked a lot about daring to be an entreprenur and we gave our best advice. Then she showed the Fall collection. I love my sett därifrån. Grey is so lovely. Around 8 I had dinner at NOT, Hampus and I got a table a bit separate. We ate fantastic food, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, fennel and broccolini. Yum.



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