Cosy Friday

Who doesn’t love a cosy Friday? Usually we have dinner at home when we’re back from work and nursery. But on Friday I like going to the grocery store with the kids. Chèvre chaud for me with a bit of skagen and caviar (couldn’t decide so I picked two courses waiting for me. The skagen is ready and the Chèvre I can just heat up in the oven, I’ve already boiled the beetroots). Gillis wanted something vegetarian to pick from and Sally wanted yakitori from our Sushi place. But before the kid’s dinner we all had Friday snacks with delicious cheeses, olives and truffle salami (for Sally). Tonight they got to try gruyere and French farmer’s cheese, my favourites. The kids really loved the latter. So much fun.

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Hanging out in the sofa with a duvet, pyjamas and pick n mix candy with YouTube.

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The kids are asleep now so I’m going to make dinner for myself and continue eating my cheeses. I like eating after the kids have gone to bed. That means I can sit down for a long time and flick through pages of something. I bought a bunch of magazines so I’m prepared for a cosy Friday. It’s so nice to relax and know that I have a whole weekend at home. It’s needed.


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