Support the Kids to find Their Inner Voice

The whole gang was tired after nursery today. We had dinner at half past four and then Gillis wanted to watch a movie and Sally wanted to play as a doll. We have a game where I am nursery and she is mom. It’s so much fun because I can see how she picks up my movements and things I say. She flings her hair about and grabs her fringe which is one of my ticks. And then she tells her doll ”Can you remember what to do if you see somebody by themselves? Then you can go up and ask them if they want to play or just say hello.”

I have a lot of messages I send with my kids every day. They’re like small sponges. That’s why it’s really important for me to think about how I am when I’m with the kids. I make sure they’re excited to do a lot of things by themselves and back up their decisions even if it’s big ones like choosing to not eat meat or giving money to beggars at the mall (important to them to give something every time). Or smaller decisions like wanting to stay up longer or have more of something. ”You can decide, you know what your body wants best.” With some limits of course. But it’s important to me that they listen to themselves. That voices is the most important thing in this life. My support as a mom is to help them reach into their gut feeling and be driven by their inner self. If you do that, everything in life will be easier. Whether it’s about peer pressure, setting boundaries or doing what makes you happy.

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I’m dropping the kids at nursery tomorrow (Odd is picking them up, it’s his week but he’s been travelling) and then I’m off to Visby for a conference with Löwengrip. The board met at Gotland today but I have the kids so I’ll travel tomorrow instead. Have a lovely evening!

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