The Kids Are Here

I felt a lot of pain in my heart when the flight landed on Arlanda. I just wanted to come home ot the kids. I was home at half past 4 so Hayley picked them up at 4. We had dinner together and then had a lot of hugs and kisses. I brought out the map and we talked about where Italy was, I tried to imitate Italian (oh god, imitation isn’t my strong suit) and then we talked about Italian food. I always try to keep the kids active in my journeys in a fun way.


When they’d fallen asleep I made tea and had apple pieces with peanut butter and sea salt as snacks. I phone pingis and had our daily meeting to block off everything. On Friday all of Löwengrip are having a conference on Gotland, it’ll be fun to gather the whole gang. Pingis and will be staying on Fårö for another 24 hours. It’ll be good to have time to talk strategy and visions.

I’m going to continue my evening work now, hugs.

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