Memories of a Park

Today, after work I went home quickly to change clothes and get a backpack packed with snacks. We packed the bikes and a pram and went to pick up the kids.


We went to Vasaparken and met up with Johanna. The kids got to play and I was able to cuddle with little August.


He was so wonderful! I get enormous mother’s instincts around babies. My body screams after more. I think it’s awesome to feel something like that. But, it will take a while for me before I have more kids.

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So many memories of this park. Games in the truck as a child. Minigolf onthe weekends with my dad ans little brother which finished with way too much ice-cream. A kiss in the middle of the night on a park bench in my early teens. Outdoors phys.ed when I studied at Vasa Real. Running four laps around the grass. I never did. Gather strength when we had a free period, bullying.
Crying on a bench after heartbreak. Celebrate end term at the café with dad. Rollerskating with Nils. Have a date at Sven Harrys. Walking through the park while pregnant. And in winter shoes. Walking with a pram. Play with my dog Christian in the dog park. See my dad from a distance while walking with a newborn Gillis but not being able to say hello. The pain. Maternity leave round one. Maternity leave round two. Playing in the park after the divorce with two kids. Playing in the park with my dad, my kids and my siblings. The list can be made long and I hope I get a chance to walk her with grandkids in the pram too!

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