A Good Mantra


Right actions leads to right thinking

….that’s the latest mantra I’ve written down from the book I’m reading. There’s been several times when you believe it’s the other way around. That if you start thinking right you’ll act right. It’s actually the other way around, first you have to act and then thoughts will turn to feelings and that’s natural. The easiest example is going for a walk when you’re feeling a bit down. The walk and a good song usually leads to more positive thinking when you get home.

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It’s the same with my job. We sometimes kickstart things that aren’t completely thought through but once we’ve started the ideas usually come automatically as well as the solutions along the way. IT’s actually impossible to come up with a business idea that’s 100% done. That’s why my advice is always to start and try and shape it afterwards. You become a sharp entrepreneur when you kan solve things that don’t go according to plan. And a better company builder when you learn to love challenges. ”Everything that grinds has a possibility.” – Ray Dalio.

It’s almost time for Friday lunch with Löwengrip Invest to celebrate that Simon has been with me for two years. Hooray! He got to choose lunch-place, so we’ll see where we end up.


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