Ribbed Top


… And the heat is back! I’ve been looking forward to more fall-appropriate looks so I’ll have to wait for it to be colder. Instead, I decided to wear a ribbed top from Twist & Tango, skirt from & Other Stories and heels from Flattered.

Img 1860.jpg

It’s so much fun to work with Sascha. She’s been with me for a year now and we’ve found the style I’m comfortable in. Female, classic and a bit trendy. I’ve probably always liked that style but not really been brave enough to wear it because it’s felt a bit ”old lady”-like. But Sascha is good at twisting everything so it still feels young (or well, young and young, you get what I mean). The style icon I’m inspired by is Meghan Markle, I love her outfits. Since Sascha started I’ve been wearing heels basically every day all year round, which has resulted in my feet reacting when I’m in flats. The feet are more comfortable in a certain angle. I don’t know how good that is for the feet hehe but I love heels! Feminine power.

Img 1852.jpg

I’m back from a quick lunch for half an hour with Isolina. We managed to squeeze it in. Now I have a meeting with the new accessories company Hermine Hold. We have a super-talented CEO and today we’re going to see a final touch on all the art work. Exciting. Afterwawrds I’m going to view a house before nursery pick-up…around five I’m having dinner with friends and all their children. Wonderful Wednesday – despite the lack of sleep. I knew the energy would come back!

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