There’s something truly special about Stockholm’s Archipelago. I really miss Vindö where the kid’s dad have their summer home. We were there every summer for six years. It will still be a while until I buy something in the archipelago. My first priority is getting a sea-view on Lidingö and then a holiday home abroad. Probably on the French riviera. But maybe when I’m older.

Anyway, we visited one of my best friend’s Michaela and her husband Daniel. They’re the kind of couple where I’m happy to spend time with each of them. I drove to Stavsnäs, parked the car and took a taxi-boat to Runmarö. The kids thought it was exciting. It’s so beautiful out here, really calm which makes me feel good. We’ve been swimming all day and had veggie burgers for food and talked. The kids got to play until half past 8 and then they crashed. our kids are the same age and neighbours so they love each other.

Now we’re going to have red wine and tea, rhubarb pie and adult-talk. Then I’m going to bed with my beloved kids in the guest house.

It’s so incredibly cosy!

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