Regular Exercise

The kids and I got up around 8 today, set the table for breakfast outside and ate for a long time and talked about everything on their minds. Around 10 I went into town to exercise for an hour with Pontus. I’m so proud of myself to have been exercising regularly since January. Back then it wsa 3-4 times per week and I got inspiration from the book ”Hjärnstark” (brain-strong). Today I have two heavy gym sessions per week with PT and then a third time. It is either yoga or a run. It varies. Today I had 42 kilo on my shoulder when I did knee-bending exercises. It’s so much fun to always increase my weight regularly. I remember how heavy 30 kilos felt in May. Weight lifting is so much fun.

When I came back the kids and I had lunch and afterwards we went out, Sally wanted to sit in the pram and Gillis wanted to drive his jeep. Sally is still asleep and Gillis and I are wondering what to do today. I dropped my phone on the ground so I should really go and change the display. Right now, we’re hanging out on the sofa. Everyone is a bit tired. We have one goal and that is to buy flowers and eat ice-cream. It’s nice to take the day as it comes.

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