A Feeling of Gratitude

These calm days are so lovely. I was contemplating going away with the kids to some kind of Bamse-club but because travelling is part of my daily life (I’m off the the US, Germany Russia and Australia in August and September) I just wanted to stay at home with the kids during my days with them.A chance to just be. Sure, we’re going to visit some friends these days but our base is at home. I’m going to let the kids decide. I wa away an hour over lunch to have a look at the new office, when I got back my mum, step-dad and little sister came over for coffee and games. When they left, we did crafts and had a cosy time at home. Sally wanted yakitori for dinner so Hayley went to the sushi place while Gillis and I set the table and made him a veggie pasta dish for dinner.

After dinner the kids and I went to the Kottla-lake for an evening swim. I felt the sun at the back of my neck, sand between my toes and just enjoyed life. I felt such pure happiness. I’m always so grateful every time I feel like that. I think the kids felt the same because they were just shouting of happiness in the water, they tried to swim and played with each other. I can hardly believe that they get to grow up in the environment on our lovely island.

We were back home at half past 7. Then we had gruel, a book each and they takes turns picking a story on Spotify. 9 times out of 10 they choose Pippi. Sometimes Emil or Karlsson. I tucked them into my bed and after that I went down to the garage to run on the treadmill for 25 minutes. It’s so convenient to have one at home. I’m just about to have a shower and then lie down to read.

I’m floating on clouds right now. life feels simple. Of course, according to my PMS cycle this is my best week so that helps but I’m still grateful for everything. For being driven by my innerself, when I listen to myself and act accordingly I always feel the best. And I’m grateful for having the kids until sunday and it’s only tuesday today.

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