It’s so awesome to see that the companies are rolling on even though I’m at Junibacken with the kids. One of my employees is in Germany to prepare our launch with Zalando, the HR-head is mailing about start dates for five new employees in august. Tomorrow we get to visit the new space for AMF’s Urban Escape. Having an organisation that expands is huge. I have a different daily life as an entreprenur now than ten years ago (and isn’t that lucky). Today we speak English at the office because of the international gang in Nordic Tech house and my PR-head who is from London. We want to grow globally and we need to be a mixed gang from different parts of the world. You learn so much from it.

At home I’m grateful to have Hayley here. We went to Juniback today, talk about having an easier time with the kids when there’s two and the kids wanted different things. She’s mostly speaking English with them and it works. Sally is less bothered than Gillis. With Sally it’s like she doesn’t really reflect over what language she is listening to which is awesome.

We’ve had so much fun! Junibacken is an incredible place. We played for hours and finished the day at a cafe on djurgården with ice cream. A truly fantastic day 🙂

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