Book and Spa Tips

They’re here! My wonderful children! Odd stayed for an hour when he dropped them off, the kids ate and we talked about their week. At home, we served vegetarian pizza, Gillis is still keen on not eating animals. We let him decide, as long as he eats until he is full. Then we played, said goodbye to Odd and afterwards we had film and cosy-times on the sofa. I was so calm by just having them near. The kids wanted to sleep in my bed, we read two books and then we managed a whole playlist with just Pippi.

I read a lot of books from Different publishers who talk about minorities. The kids are growing up on a homogenous Lidingö, most kids have typical Swedish names, they have books who show what families can look like. Even if, in their case, you have two different homes and every day lives that are different in mommy’s home and daddy’s home. Different publishers also think about letting go of classic gender norms, daddy is baking cakes for Lucia and mommy drives a fire truck, etc. I strongly recommend all their books. Today we read about Simon F who would rather be called Sophie. I like when the kids get a new perspective by reading together.

The kids played dress up, Gillis wanted to be a transformer and Sally a pirate. She wanted to change to Karlsson on the Roof but I wasn’t inventive enough to manage the propellers and everything.

When the kids fell asleep at 9, I had a mini-spa session. I bought products from Comfort Zone (from the Spa in Ystad). I love body oils and I fell in love with their sent. I want to develop my own dry-oil spray for Löwengrip after summer. Right now, my role model one from Kiehls, it sinks in really quick qhich is important. It’s so much fun to try new things! I always try new products from all my journeys, that’s how I get inspirations

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