Ystad Saltsjöbad

It’s easy to think I’m being sponsored by the hotel because there’s always a lot of influencers here. But I’ve stayed at this hotel many times over the years. Sally was conceived here actually which is a bit funny. I’ve been here during different stages of my life, single, dated a guy when I was 20, in love with O a year or so later, with a one year old, with H on my birthday last year and then now. Newly single with my cousin.

Yesterday when we got here we got into bed, drank chablis and enjoyed the evening sun. We had so much to talk about so around 8 o’clock we had to go up to the room and put on some dresses. I’m not wearing any makeup this weekend to let my face rest. It’s so nice.

Toast skagen for starter, artichoke for a main and then, as usual, we ordered all the deserts. Everything went down easily. We were back at the room around 10, put on a sheet mask, read for an hour and the fell asleep.

Imorse väntade en timma massage!

Not a bad view to answer the mail from, and update you guys. I’m going to call the kids now (I’ll see them tomorrow and then I have them for a week!) and then I’ll be spending the day at the pool with a book all day.

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