It’s Over

It’s true that it’s over between Hampus and I. I was a bit quick to get into a relationship after the divorce and felt like I needed to be myself for a while. No relationship will work that way. I need focus on myself, kids and my job. We are friends and saw each other yesterday and went for a walk after mine and Sheila’s dinner. Hampus is an incredibly wise person and I hope that we will have a great relationship as friends throughout life.

When I woke up this morning, I went to Sturebadet with my little suitcase. I worked out for an hour with Pontus, went by Pepstop for a vegan lunch (risotto and asparagus with mushroom) and afterwards I had my hair blowdried at Bond. I’m going to have a few days without makeup which my face needs. The most important thing for me is that the hair looks nice so that it stays that way for a few days. I haven’t blow dried my own hair in maybe 1-2 years. It’s part of the luxury with my job – to have lovely hair.

Now I’m going to fly down to Skåne and check into Ystad Saltsjöbad with my cousin Isolina. It’ll be a weekend of recharging the batteries. I’m going to sleep a lot, read in the shade, go out running, eat good food and deserts and have massages. Usually, I have a really big suitcase despite how many days I’m away but today I’m only going with hand luggage. What a luxury!

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