Goodbye Gotland

…And that’s me done for this time! Almedalen has been absolutely fantastic. The part was to get to live with my lovely team. It’s been so cosy and I got a lot of separation anxiety when I said goodbye. My colleagues are like a second family.

Now, I’m on holiday until the 6th of August. So wonderful! Worth celebrating! I pick up the kids on Sunday but until then I’m going to recharge after these busy days. Tonight, I’m having dinner with my best friend Sheila, we have a lot to talk about. Tomorrow I have a session with my PT and then I’m flying down to Ystad Saltsjöbad where I’ll check in for the weekend with my cousin Isolina. I’m going to enjoy the Spa:s!

A small part of me is already looking forward to the 6th of August when I get back to work. Something that’ll be fun is when I start working as an ambassador for Ellos. It’s a big drive and we’re going to do a lot of fun together during the coming year. The dress on the photo is from Ellos, I love it.

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