An Outing

I had to wake the kids up at half past 7 this morning. It doesn’t happen very often. But, you can tell I have two children who need a summer vacation for a few weeks. When I told Gillis they were going on an outing today, he jumped out of bed.

We had breakfast at the new table, the kids have new cravings all the time and right now they like toasted bred with butter, yogurt and fruit. Sometimes sally wants finnscrisp and Gillis wants kanelknäcke (a type of cinnamon bread).

I ate an omelette with peppers this morning, it was delicious.

I love when Hayley’s American side shows, like this morning when she prepared Gillis lunchbox for the picnic. The pancakes, fruit and his drink were in a paper bag with his name on it. So cute!

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