Veggie-food For Gillis?

We’ve spent the day with grandma. We arrived around 3 and left at 7. She lives in Knivsta (Uppsala County) so it’s a bit of a journey but I love driving. The kids usually play with the iPad during the journey. Although Sally was asleep almost the whole way. I know Sally shouldn’t sit facing forward but she used to vomit during almost every trip. It was horrible to drive alone with them, hearing the vomit noise without seeing it and then quickly find somewhere to stop. Now they’ve stopped and it’s a lot better.

My step-granddad had bought a pedal car each for the kids. It was very popular!

When we arrived we saw that our new table and chairs were there. There’s still no lamp or carpet but afterwards I’ll show you everything. It’s a lot nicer than before 🙂

Gillis the animal friend. He’s decided he doesn’t want to eat them anymore. We usually serve vegetarian food at home but he eats meat at nursery and with O. Now, he told me and O ”I don’t want to eat animals anymore”. He’s refused to eat meat at nursery. I understand I’ve had an influence on him and there’s not many cons when it comes to eating veggie as children. But I still feel guilty. One part of me wants to listen to this precocious almost 5-year-old and talk to nursery about the diet if it’s still there by August so there are veggie options. Odd supports Gillis decisions and lets him eat vegetarian mince meat and similar there too. But one side of me wants to buy organic and eco-friendly meat to serve to show the differences. He’s after all, only almost 5. It might just be a phase.

Has anyone had a similar experience with your kids? What were your thoughts?

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