Löwengrip At Chiltern Firehouse

Yesterday was a really good day in London. Pingis and I left the bags at the hotels and went to a meeting with a big retailer. She loved our products. A lot of fun. All conversations when you’re in a different market is all about what strategy you have to succeed in another country. That’s my advice to all you readers, practice that part and have a really good plan.

We went back to Knightsbridge, I hopped into the shower and then Emelie came and improved my hair and makeup. On Pingis as well. Sascha chose a dress from Estonian Jahila (she’s one of my favourite designers) and then we went to another favourite place I have here in London, which is the Chiltern Firehouse.

There we’d booked their chamber separee and invited a small group of influencers. We didn’t want a classic event but we went a dinner where we got to ask questions about the UK and do and don’t’s if you want to be seen in social media here. If I’ve learnt anything it’s that all countries are in different phases, in London influencer marketing works like in Sweden four years ago. It’s important for us to learn each country properly.

It was a fantastic evening. We sat and talked from half past seven until midnight. The hours just disappeared. It was so open and we all shared personal stories and supported each other. Very lovely.

You might recongise her, it’s Caroline Flemming. An amazing person with so much warmth and lovely energy. She is launching her YouTube-channel soon, I’m looking forward to it.

Sophie Stansbury was also there, the second half of the duo. It’s so much fun to listen in about their coming project and entrepreneur dreams. There’s always ways we can help each other. Next to Pingis was Natalia Jane, I’ve been following her Instagram account this year and I wanted to invite her. She works a lot with Estee Launder and I wanted to hear more about that! Mischa who you see is actually a childhood friend of mine who lives in London and works with a company called PRecis Digital, they help us with Amazon.

The highlight of the evening was to meet Tess who’s been in living in London for the past 14 years. When we spent time together a few years ago we were single in London, it was messy and a lot of fun. Today we live completely different lives with small children. I’m impressed by her level of ambition and an enormous humble side. I’m looking forward to meeting in Stockholm in the summer. You’ll find her blog here.

Anyway, it was an evening where Pingis and I learned a lot and had many wonderful conversations which will stay in my heart. Now I’ve just eaten my breakfast and we have another full day in London.
Talk to you later.

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