More Entrepreneurs

Tonight I’m going to a dinner with one of our party-leaders and a few other entrepreneurs. We are going to talk about how to make sure Sweden gets more entrepreneurs. I have a lot of thoughts about it but I actually thought I would ask you the question as well. Your answers have more weight, how do you think we’ll get more people to start their own businesses? What do you think are the biggest obstacles? What can our politicians do to help? Cheaper to hire? Lower starting-capital? Easier to finance start-ups? Easier to get working-power from other countries? More RUT-allowance (so that there’s enough for cleaning and childcare) to have more time for the company? More hours at nursery when you have the second child? All thoughts and ideas are welcome!

Photographer: Patrik Östergren

When Prince Daniel, myself and Martin Lorentzon visited the Mid-Sweden-University to talk about how to get more entrepreneurs.

Like I said, please come with your own thoughts and opinions 🙂

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