An Exciting Week

This week’s leaving Comfort Zone: On Wednesday I’m attending a gala outside London. It’s called Founders Forum and there’s a rumour that Richard Branson will be there. Founders from around the world will be gathered to have dinner, parties and workshops. Last years I saw that the founder of Glossier was there – fun! It’s technically not leaving my Comfort Zone because there’s nothing during the event that makes me nervous but I’m feeling some butterflies in my stomach, at least excitement and anticipation.

This week’s politician: I’ll actually be meeting two this week. Dinner with Ulf Kristersson tonight and then lunch with Annie Lööf on Friday. Although Annie and I are friends so it’s more a friend-lunch. Our colleagues have been trying to find space for lunch but our schedules are so tight it took two months until we found a time we could both manage. Puh! Regarding Ulf Kristersson I like meeting our politicians and I managed a dinner with Anna Kinberg Batra and now I have a chance to get a feel for Moderaterna’s new.

Photo from Marbella. Sandals from Flattered, shorts from Stylein and top Valerie. Triplets in Swedish brands

Exercise and health: I have time for two PT sessions this week (Monday and Friday) and a session with Fitness Collection on Sunday. There’s a lot of fun to choose between so it’ll be either Barrys or yoga. There won’t be much sleep but I usually catch up on sleep during my days with the children. That’s when I try to go to be just after the kids. Regarding food I had two eggs for breakfast today, a lunch box from pepstop, vegan. I’m going to be eating out a lot during the week and if there aren’t any good vegetarian options I usually go for fish and a salad. I have been enjoying pasta and deserts all weekend so I’m looking forward to eating more healthily during the weekdays. There’ll be wine on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday though so my plan is to sip half a glass during those evenings. I love wine and I’d rather have that than water but a few sips will be enough. I’m not so hard on myself but I need to think sustainably in everything I do – otherwise my energy disappears. Wine is okay but not a whole glass each day, white pasta and chocolate ice-cream is okay but not all the time. 80% needs to be sustainable in diet and 20% can be enjoyable.

This week’s private: Our Au Pair is back from California which we’ve all really been looking forward to! Then I’m having my sought after days with the kids. I’m really supposed to pick them up on Wednesday but that’s when the gala is in London so I’m picking them up after nursery on Thursday instead. So that means O has them for an extra day (awaiting comments here about how I’m a bad mom who makes the wrong priorities). In July, we’re going to have them every other week, O and I have agreed on that now, I’m so grateful for it. It’ll be so much easier to have time for things and make plans. Three days go so quickly.

Anyway, new week – new possibilities 🙂

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