Meeting Richard Branson

Investing in Styelin is a dream. Partly I love the clothes and there’s so many lovely things on the way. Don’t miss their sale here. Then it’s fun to have the opportunity to have dresses sewn in their studio for special occasions. I have a few days in London in June. Other than a large dinner with Löwengrip to kick off Amazon and a meeting with a risk-capital company I’m going to a big event at a place called Founders Forum. It’ll be me, Ola Ahlvarsson and Petter Stordalen from Scandinavia. Emily Weiss (founder of Glossier) will be there too and Richard Branson. It’s so awesome to be at the same event, workshops and gala dinners with such big entrepreneurs.

For that event, Sascha has had a vision of a light-grey dress in a straight classic cut on top and a elegant fall. We got all the sketches from Styelin’s head-seamstress and it’ll be so exciting to see the result! At the top of my head, I prefer it without arms. Now I’m off to a beauty shoot with Löwengrip all day.



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