Cancelled Dinner

This summer weather! I parked the car at home and walked to nursery so that the kids could have an opportunity to cycle home. Gillis is cycling without support wheels and he loves it. We went by the park and got on the swings before we went home for dinner.

After bedtime I went to Photographic Museum to participate at Creandurns dinner. They’ve invested in companies like Spotify, izettle and Linas Matkasse.

But my plan to go to a work-dinner after bedtime didn’t go as planned tonight. Sally woke up upset and wondered when I was half an hour into dinner. Sure, we could have continued fighting but I felt like it’s important to listen to Sally’s wish for me to come home. There is, after all, a new person at home and I don’t want to put pressure on it. We’ll have to phase it in without stress and apparently Sally wasn’t ready so I have to back away a bit.

It was a huge relief when I stepped out of the taxi and hugged her. I tucked her in bed again and it was so cosy to feel her small arms around my neck. My little girl. I’m happy I followed my gut-feeling and went home. Both kids are asleep now and I’m going to have some dinner!

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