Working on the Approach

The thing about balance is easier said than done even though I always aim towards it. At half past midnight tonight I realised I was stuck in work and that it was time for bed. The kids fell asleep in their beds and came over to me at 5AM this morning. It’s always really cute that they come in together. Gillis fell back asleep immediately but Sally was awake because of the light so we never really fell asleep. When I get up after about 4 hours sleep I always need to work with my approach. One part of me wnats to yell ”GAAAH” and feel sorry for myself. Cancel everything, drop the kids and nursery and just sleep. Despites those thoughts it’s actually never happened. I have a warrior queen livin within me who wants to keep fighting.

I had help dropping the kids at nursey so I was at the gym not long after 8 o’clock for my first session with a PT. I’d forgotten all about last night’s lack of sleep by warm-up. I’m building up a plan with my PT and I want to be able to lift heavily. Doing deadlifts, olympic lifts, etc. Those are the kind of things I enjoy. I have no problem doing 10 push-ups on my feet for example. That’s why it’ll be fun to start working on the strength.

I was back at the office around half past nine and that’s when I had rolling meetings. I have been a bit annoying with Löwengrip’s brand manager Hannah who also deals with production. We’ve been working on an anti-pollution range for the face for ages but it’s not been feeling 100% with me for a while. I’ve decided to leave it out altogether. Instead, I have a vision about new Vitamin C and glow-range for the face which also protects against exhaust fumes. I believe a range for the skin which makes it shine and glow will become a better addition to our daily moisturising range and our advance range with BHA/AHA and retinol in it. Now it’s going to be so simple – it feels right.

The cold nuance in my hair I get from our silver-shampoo and conditioner.  I had the shampoo in my hair for ten minutes this week. I’ve noticed that my hairtalks draw even more yellow shades (especially in the sun) so now I’m using my silver shampoo and conditioner each week.

After that I’ve had a meeting around economy with my lawer. I had lunch at my desk from vegan Pepstop. Now it’s almost time for psychotherapy and then a meeting with a large airline and Löwengrip. I’m picking the kids up at four as usual and then we’re going to play a lot. After bedtime I’m away at a large work-dinner. I’ll have to have an espresso beforehand, maybe even a double.

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