Living Room Updates

Partnered With Bohem

I’ve forgotten to tell you about my visit to the interior-design shop Bohem which I did a few weeks ago. When I was in there shop on Linnegatan I had helpfrom their decorator to choose materials. They have so many different kinds of fabric to choose from and you can customize basically everything with them. For example, with the couch I’ve decided on, I can choose the measurements and fabrics. I think interior design is fun, but it’ll be difficult when there’s so much to choose from. That’s why it’s such a relief to have professional help in store.

There will be new couches, decorative cushions, carpet to sofa-group and curtains. You’ll see the materials and colours I’ve picked when everything is ready. I’m so excited for it! I’ve grown tired of my grey couches and my enormous dining table and leather chairs. The kids are big enough now so that I don’t have too worry too much about being able to wash out stains.

Everything will be delivered this week, so exciting! I’m looking forward to a change in the living room.

Partnered with med Bohem

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