House Idyll

We’ve had a really fun afternoon. I picked the kids at four and when we cam home Hayley had put together Gillis’ new bike. He’s learnt how to cycle without supporting wheels but he got to take his old bike to his dad’s so we needed a new one here. We cycled a bit before dinner and then the whole gang had dinner at five. Around half past 5 my phone starting ringing, all neighbouring kids were on their way out. We were four families who went for a walk to the area where the climbing vine is and all kids (and some brave parents, see instastory) were brave enough to try it out.

Around half past 6 when we got back to the houses, Gillis wanted to go home to his friend August and our other neighbour Emma wanted to follow Sally and play with dough. It makes my mommy-heart happy when the kids are so brave they can go home to the neighbours.

Then I had two girls to cuddle with at the patio.

Then Gillis came back home and all three of us played with Barbies.

The kids are asleep now and I’m going ot prepare this week’s three speeches in front of a lot of people. I’m going to make a cup of tea and bring out some fresh berries. I’m also pretty brown from today’s spraytan. It’ll settle a bit before Wednesday’s beauty shoot.

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