Weekend With H

Michaela came over this morning, she got me ready before News-morning. Emelie who normally gets me ready has a few days off. Around 10 I went to the TV4-house which is basically on the other side of Lidingö-bridge so I was on air at half past 10. When TV4 did a pre-show interview they wanted to talk a lot about what spoke about on Shulman show, around the team I have around me. I think it gets a lot of attention because I’m a young woman who can finance this kind of lifestyle alone.

If it would have been an older man from a nicer family who had help at home with cleaning and children nobody would think it’s strange but when a normal young girl comes from nowhere it doesn’t make sense to people. A bit like ”What? Is this 27 year old girl going to have someone at home who cooks food?” ”Why doesn’t she got to ICA like normal people and spend an hour cooking, how difficult can it be?” I think there are people who mix my aspiration for effectivity with laziness instead.

The goal is super-easy; remove everything in daily life that doesn’t give me energy so I can be with my children and have enough energy to build my business. I have no ambitions about letting the hours pass when I’m with Sally or Gillis or let the businesses go slow without growth each year. I want each day to count in the kids’ life and I want to grow drastically. I want to become one of the world’s most powerful women. To do that, I need a team around me. Otherwise I would have a breakdown.

Blazer Stylein

Speaking of ambitious girls, I ran into Cecilia Salomon on TV4. She was hired through me as a journalist when I was running my magazine Egoboost. We talked a lot about dating during that time and I remember how I said ”Cecilia, your life is one big chic-lit, you need to write about it.” Now she’s published a female version of The Game. It’s called Fuck Boy and amazing ”Hej Hej Vardag” has illustrated all images in the book. It’s a perfect read for the summer or to give to a single-friend.

When finished Hampus and I went to Bockholmen for brunch. I’ve had no children since Friday so we’ve had two days together. We see each other around two days a week so it’s always a luxury when we get a whole weekend. I’m often travelling when I don’t have the kids so it’s difficult to get time for something we think works. When we do see each other it’s quality and we’ve missed each other. When we find a window of opportunity we usually travel, at the moment we’re looking at next weekend in Italy (again) and France in the summer.

By the way, I’m thinking about travelling to the US with the kids this summer because then we’re finally having them every other week. I was thinking Florida. Have any of you been in Fort Myer? It’s meant to be calm and family friends.

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