Sally’s Bike

Partnered with Babyshop

Last week when it was Sally’s birthday she get a brand new pink bike which made her very happy. It’s perfect to have a spring-time bike at her age. My Sally is so much like me and filled with energy so I think it’ll be used a lot all summer. I realised what opportunities we’ll have when Gillis and Sally are a bit older and can have bike adventures on Lidingö.

It’s a lot of fun to watch her run around and play Pippi. I think Pippi is an incredible role-model so I’m proud to see that she looks up to her so much. Pippi does a lot of silly things but I think that’s liberating. When Sally wants to sleep with her feet on the pillow, have un-matching socks on or walk backwards to the car, it only makes me happy.

My darling girl! Your world is already so big and secure. Everything you want to do is possible. I’m going to try to be your best support in life and help you develop your inner strength and voice. It makes everything much easier.

Now you can find the bike at Babyshop with 30% off, perfekt for all your springtime adventures!

Partnered with Babyshop

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