Precious Memories

I have some routines when I fly. I go through my emails and give a lot of interviews to distributors. Content to everything from member-newspaper or different platforms. Everything I don’t have time for on the weekdays. Today I replied to a longer interview with Kicks where Löwengrip is going to be sold. Besides that I usually buy magazines. This trio’s book is ”The Strength of Stillness” by Daniel Goldman. It talks about the science behind meditation.

Then I usually put on a good playlist and visualise. I love closing my eyes to go through three things. What I’ve done, what I’ll do next and dreams. The last thing I do is to look through pictures if I have time. It was a long time I did that because many of those memories hurt. My old life at Kungsholmen with ox-rolls and pick’n’mix candy is so close on a picture but so far away.

Memories that always make me happy are pictures of the kids. I look so young when I was 22 and pregnant. I’d like to have more kids in life but there’s no stress with it. The day I have my third child I will check out for a whole and go travelling. But I’m not there yet.

Precious memories. We’ve landed in Madrid! Now we’re going out for a drink and dinner.

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