Wonderful Johanna!

I’m always get so happy when Johanna and I get a chance to see each other. She moved to Skåne a while back but I get lucky to have her in Stockholm now and again so that’s when we make time. Last time we had tea-time at mine and today we had an hour’s speed-lunch. It feels like Johanna always looks into my soul and can tell how I’m feeling. She says so many wise things. ”You have to keep working, that’s what gives you energy but a grieving process takes a lot space so you can’t block out so many things in the calendar.” That’s how it is.

After lunch I saw a new psychologist. It went so much better than last time. He was quite tough towards me and that was necessary. I’m starting to accept that I’m in the middle of a mini-crisis with myself. The emotional-well is overflowing, I feel grief and have heavy anxiety on my chest from time to time. It took a year after the divorce. My plan is to go and talk and give the mini-crisis space in my life. I’m welcoming those emotions and I’m ready to give it to go through everything and eventually come out of it a bit stronger.

I’m going to let you follow me on my journey so I might go on a bit at times and I want you to tell me if I do! Now I’m going to have a quick dinner and then train pharmacy staff on Löwengrip.

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