The Week Has Begun

My personal challenge: It’s spelt balancing. I’ve tried to break down my week into my classic cake-pieces and make sure that I have everything I need to manage. As usual, it’s not about work being too intense but about recovery being poor. During this upcoming week there’ll be a lot of interviews, standing on stage, strategy meetings, filming, in-selling, creative meetings and friends, time for myself and a weekend with the kids. When I know this is what the calendar looks like, I’ve got the best expectations towards feeling good and having efficient days.

My challenge in work this week: We have an important strategy-meeting in Löwengrip and I know it’s difficult to raise my head when you’re in the middle of a week. But I’m going to let my thoughts simmer for a while until my flight on Wednesday and make sure everything is written down. Then I’m going to talk in front of a group of high-school students on Wednesday in Sundsvall with Prince Daniel and Martin Lorentzon (founder of Spotify). It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a young audience in front me. What do you think I should focus on? What would you want to listen to if you were 16-17?

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