The Struggle Is Over

I suffered through last month’s PMS with tears and anxiety. This time I’m going to start taking premalex again. Gah! So strange that you can have a few months without feeling the PMS and now it’s so anxiety-inducing and itchy inside. It’s no fun that it a like this one week per month. I’ve been good at writing down all dates so it makes you feel better that they match.  It makes it’s easier to understand why it feels that way.

I’ve been feeling down all weekend so from tomorrow it’ll be PMS- medication.  I would have started this weekend but it was finished so I will ask for a new prescription tomorrow.

I’ve made the best I can out of it today anyway, spent time with the kids and a supportive friend.  We had a playdate and brunch outside with four children. My best advice to myself is to not take myself too seriously.  Try to have a helicopter perspective on myself and let it be. The itchyness inside usually gets better when I bring out the yogamat and do some simple exercises a few times.

A new week starts tomorrow. My PMS-self feels like saying AHHH. I want to book a flight to Venice and eat pasta and drink red wine at an open-air cafe with large black sunglasses and new expensive shoes on my feet. My rational-self knows I have a fun week which I’m looking forward to. Fun meetings, a lecture with Prince Daniel and Martin Lorentzon (founder of Spotify) in Sundsvall as well as a lecture on Ecommerce & Shop tech 2018. Besides Sally is turning 4 and we’re having a Pippi Longstocking party on Saturday.

This evening I’ve sat and scheduled this week’s exercise. It’ll be Barre tomorrow at lunch as I have the kids and then I’ll drive to morning-classes before work on the other days. Four sessions in total. I have the kids at the weekend so I’ll rest and play outside with they.  It makes it easier to schedule it, otherwise a colleague might book something else.

Now I’m going to make a cup of tea and read my emails. Please let me know about your best PMS-tips or what you’re thinking when you get consumed every cell. Hugs!.

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